Selling Fort McMurray Real Estate

Family with cardboard boxes moving out from house

The Dream Team and Seller Direct Fort McMurray work to ensure maximum exposure for their clients’ properties is achieved. Whether it be online, print, radio and newspaper advertising, in addition to their info direct line and continuously growing network; The Dream Team works diligently to surpass their clients’ expectations when it comes to exposure relating to the sale of their home.

Selling with The Dream Team

The Dream Team At our initial walk through The Dream Team provides sellers with tips for a great showing; from decluttering, to staging recommendations, or mere suggestions on ways to better show and sell their property.

The Dream Team knows the complications involved in the home selling process, and for this reason we have built relationships with professionals in our community. From Lawyers to House Cleaners and everyone in between, we can connect you with professionals capable of helping you in your home selling journey.

The home selling process can be quite stressful at times and The Dream is here to take the stress out of the sale for you! We will review our Home Sellers Guide, explain agency relationships, and walk through the step by step selling process with you! We are here from start to finish, from closing and beyond…

The Dream Team understands clients are busy and are often out of town, or working during showings. The Dream is happy to meet agents during showings, provide home visits while clients are away, we have even been known to walk dogs, shovel walk-ways, and mow the lawn when needed to ensure a stellar showing for our clients’.

The Dream utilizes industry-leading technology, tools, and applications that have helped make real estate dreamz a reality from near and far.

Your home is marketed and advertised everyday until it SELLS…

Marketing Initiatives

Online Real Estate Marketing
The Dream Team knows that home buyers begin their real estate search online. We work to ensure your home is positioned where it will be seen. Your property is syndicated onto over 300 Websites to ensure maximum exposure in order to achieve an incomparable online presence. The Dream Team understands what is important to buyers and we strive to focus on your property’s best features!

Our online marketing strategies demonstrate the real estate listings in an attractive way, provide relevant information, and enables prospective buyers to interact with individual listings.

Media Marketing
Our radio, print, and newspaper marketing strategies target the not so “tech savvy” individuals working to ensure all target markets and prospective buyers are informed of our clients’ sale. It provides relevant information about the listing, and enables the prospective buyer to reach out to The Dream Team for their private showing.

Open Houses
You can host them or we can! The Dream Team strives to make public and private (Realtor® Caravan) open houses appealing and works to entice all prospective buyers driving by, or walking by to get in and view our clients’ amazing homes. We do this with ample signage, cookies, coffee, and numerous exuberant ways to ensure traffic through our listed homes!

Info Direct Line
Seller Direct®’s exclusive automated voice ad system allows buyers to request information on your home 24hrs a day from a touch tone phone!